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Dr. Badhwar, MD

Shruti Badhwar, DO, is Board Certified in Neurology, and is Fellowship trained in Clinical Neurophysiology with a focus in Epilepsy.

Dr. Badhwar has completed an Internship in Internal Medicine and Residency in Neurology at Hahnemann University Hospital of Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA. After finishing Residency at Hahnemann Hospital, Dr. Badhwar completed fellowship in Clinical Neurophysiology with a focus in Epilepsy at New York University Medical Center of New York University School of Medicine in New York, NY.

After finishing training, Dr. Badhwar moved to the Scottsdale area with her husband and joined PNSM and John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital in January 2012. Dr. Badhwar is fluent in English, Hindi and Punjabi.